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Find out about the process, the requirements, the interest and the advantages of building society savings. As a homeowner you have many advantages. With home savings loans you can finance at fixed & low interest rates.

The most important cornerstones of the home savings loan are the following points

The most important cornerstones of the home savings loan are the following points

As a building setter you have many advantages. This includes, among other things, the loan entitlement to a building society loan. To what extent can this be and what are the possibilities of interest rates? When it comes to building savings, you are in the right place in every respect – in both interest and financing.

Which are the main cornerstones of building society support in general? How can a home loan be high? The maximum amount of a home loan financing is 180,000 EUR per capita or 360,000 EUR per couple or coexistence with land register security (entry in the land register). Incidentally, there is also a minimum body size – that is 4,000 EUR.

When financing a home loan you can choose between fixed interest periods of 1.5 years, 1 to 20 years and 1 time per year. This is valid for up to 20 years from the award of the HoUse credit. For you, this means that your building society support in this period – regardless of the interest rate development – is still secured and calculable.

Fixed income, variable or both? Fixed interest rates give you the necessary certainty; With a variable interest rate, you can immediately participate in a rate cut. Fix Good House loan combines a “fixed loan” with a long-term fixed interest rate with a “flexible loan” with a flexible design.

As a rule, interim financing is required.

As a rule, interim financing is required.

Builders have the opportunity to take advantage of a home savings loan. Depending on the tariffs, an equity capital ratio of 30 to 50% must be achieved for the building society loan. This own funds ratio can either be absorbed by saving in the DIY store contract or by pre-financing. The granting of such a building society loan takes place for the first time 18 months after the first payment in a home savings contract or after the assumption of interim financing.

If nothing has yet been saved, the value of the transitional funding must include the required value plus the equity interest. However, in most cases, the amount of money saved does not correspond to the committed capital adequacy, so the difference between the amount of money saved and the committed own funds must be made up. IMPORTANT: The interest is always based on the total amount of the contract, ie the total amount of capital raised, including the amount you have already saved.

Although they receive only the interest on the amount saved, they have to pay the increased interest rate for the savings part of the loan at the same time as the building loan. The granting of home savings loans takes the form of a repayment loan, ie the tranches consist of a repayment share (for the borrowed capital) and an interest rate.

The total amount of the charge results from the interest amount and the repayment term. The home savings loan is characterized by good conditions in times of high loan interest: The building society lends a home savings loan only if it is used for a legally defined purpose: The building society: The amount of the building society loan amounts to max. 180,000.00 EUR per person and max. 360,000.00 EUR for married couples; the loan term is limited to max. 30 years limited.



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