Credit lines for the acquisition of equipment and inventory

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When a consumer comes to a business to find a product and does not find it, he sees it as a more or less acceptable setback; when he arrives a second time and fails, he gets upset; and if the situation repeats, it may not come back.

Credit line

Credit line

A sale falls, a customer is lost and the reputation of the company is eroded, with consequences that can be devastating.

Inventory is essential, for the existence and progress of a business, so it is so important to keep it under control, monitored and orderly.

It is also an indicator of the financial health of the company, which cannot be overstated, because it absorbs the capital that can be used in other departments that must be reinforced, and scarcity can become a trigger for failure.

In principle, it can be thought that inventory-related deficiencies are caused by poor business administration; but it may also be that they originate in unforeseen situations. It may be that sales of certain products skyrocketed and that the pace of production equipment became insufficient to meet the emerging need, so timely financial support is required.

It is not always easy to find a friend or family member with resources to invest in the company and a bank asks for records and guarantees that are not available or, in the best case, takes time for analysis and paperwork that They take forever.

A timely line of credit

A timely line of credit

For situations like these, in FUNDS we have an easy and immediate solution. We work with the objective of providing financial support to entrepreneurs who need to strengthen their companies, through credits accessible online.

We grant loans and lines of credit for the acquisition of equipment and improve inventory availability. Also for the development of a new project, consolidation of debts, hiring seasonal staff and attending, in general, any other need of your business.

Just fill out the form available on our website, send us the application during business hours and within half an hour, one of our financing specialists will be contacting you, via email.

Applying, online, it costs nothing, it’s simple, it only takes you for a few minutes, and it opens the opportunity to find the solution you are looking for, so that your business grows and the family progresses.



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